2018.06.12. Politics 0 Comment

US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un met in Singapore earlier this morning, marking the first time that active leaders of the two nations have met in person. The summit appeared to be a success, highlighted by the signing of a comprehensive document and Trump’s effusive enthusiasm. The rest of the world, however, did not display such a positive tone.

We get a visual sense of how internet users felt about the meeting, we gathered the top emojis used in its conversations. Most of the emojis are straightforward, including the American and North Korean flags, the bald eagle, and the microphones and cameras. Some of the emojis elicit a more sarcastic tone, such as the rocket, clown face, nuclear symbol, and palm to forehead. Why do you suspect, however, that the Santa Claus emoji was used 123 times?!